Melita Consultancy and Advisory Services (MCAS) was set up to assist individuals interested in applying for Maltese Citizenship under the Maltese Individual Investor Programme (MIIP).

According to the rules governing the MIIP, any application for Maltese Citizenship must be submitted to Identity Malta, a regulatory authority set up by the Government of Malta to manage the MIIP.

Applicants must be represented by an Accredited Person licensed by Identity Malta when applying for Citizenship. MCAS has satisfied all the rigorous requirements imposed by Identity Malta an is a registered Accredited Agent holding License number IIP113

As part of its services, MCAS will:

  • Advice any client interested in the MIIPO on his chances of success before filing any application for citizenship with Identity Malta
  • Provide, through any of its trusted partners, any legal or tax advice, if required
  • Assist its clients with preparing the applications for MIIP
  • Check and prepare all the required supporting documentation
  • Liaise and correspond with Identity Malta and with any other regulated government body on behalf of the client
  • Provide any other services associated with the MIIP such as legal and notarial representation on rental/purchase of property required under the MIIP
  • Refer clients to leading professionals in Malta as required