Application Time Line

+Application for residency
Applicants who are not yet already resident in Malta are advised to commence the process for obtaining residency in order to set the residency requirement ticking.
+Day 0: Application submitted by MCAS
An applicant is formally submitted to Identity Malta with the essential supporting documents.
+Day 90
Identity Malta confirms if documentation submitted is formally in order, subject to a further month of further verifications.
+Day 120- In Principle Approval
This is the approval of the process conditional only to the fulfilment of the obligations undertake under the MIIP.
+Day 125- Formal Request for Contribution
Identity Malta requests payment of the remaining balance on contribution and passport fee.
+Day 183- Issue of Certificate of Naturalisation
Subject to Oath of Allegiance and one year residency.
+Day 240 - Final Compliance
To provide evidence of property purchase/rental and investment.